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Religion Scholar Takes the Measure of the Unification Church    20 August, 2010 
After Sixty Years, Time to Remember that “Freedom is Not Free”    2 July, 2010 
Japan: Rev. In Jin Moon Inspires Women In Ministry To Conduct Human Rights Forum   
1 June, 20
Unificationist Selected for Top Honor by Scripps Howard Foundation   1 May, 2010 
Rev. Moon Proclaims a New Era in Three-City Speaking Tour 
6 April, 20
Kidnapping of Unificationists Under Review at UN Human Rights Conference  
9 March, 20
Tokyo Resident Believed to be the Latest Kidnap Victim in
6 March, 2010 
In Remembrance of Gen. Alexander Haig, Jr. (1924-2010) 
1 March, 20
Unification Church Gains New Legal Status in Portugal  
25 Feb. 20
News of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s 90th Birthday Travelled with True Speed    19 Feb. 2010 
NPR Focuses a Spotlight on Unification’s Second Generation  Feb. 2010 
God's Day Celebrated at Cheon Jeong Gung  30. Dec. 2009 
Religious Freedom as the Prerequisite for Interfaith Dialogue  30. Dec. 2009 
God’s Goal of Peace Discussed in Las Vegas  27. Dec. 2009 
40-Year Veterans of Faith Honored by Washington Family Church      16. Dec. 2009 
ACLC Calls for Clergy to Affirm Religious Freedom in Japan    
1. Dec. 20
Church Member Freed from Kidnappers in Osaka    
9. Nov. 20
Blessing Coverage Flashed from East to West on October 14, 2009     15.10.09 
Unification Church Holds Universal Blessing Ceremony      15.10.09 
Rev. Moon Launches his Life Story at Gala in Washington      20.9.09 
Religious Freedom and Unbreakable Faith   20.9.09 
Religious Conflicts Will be Resolved When People Learn to Respect Differences      20.9.09 
Faith Leaders Light Candles at Ground Zero to Honor Heroes on 9/11      20.9.09 
Goto US Speaking Tour Sparks Call to Action   22.8.09 
20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain   14.7.09 
Reverend Moon’s Autobiography Celebrated at Publisher’s Ceremony    9.6.09
Europe: NEWS from the Nations
4 June, 2009   
Beyond Nation, Race and Religion: UTS Celebrates Its 33rd Annual Commencement
1 June, 2009   
Youth Service Initiative (YSI) Volunteers Service in Ghana
May 2009   
55th anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. 1 May 09 
Austria: Reconciliation and the Role of Global Peace Festivals   
 20 April, 2009
American Church Pioneers Celebrate 40 Years in America    1 April, 2009  
In Loving Memory of Hyo Jin Moon    26 March, 2009  
ULTRA Teen Choice Promotes Abstinence for Youth 
17 March, 2009
Victory in Kazakhstan for Liza Drenicheva  11 March, 2009  

Intl. Inter-Religious News


Koreans Call for Prayer as North-South Tensions Rise 
 3 June, 2010 

Modern Spiritualism 
 1 March, 2010 

The Faith Divide 
 7 December, 2009 

'Choosing a happy death'  
 5 November, 2009 

Thank you, Ted Kennedy 
 31 August, 2009 

Jesus — Will He Ever Return? 
 5 June, 2009 

What is Love? 
 1 June, 2009

Reflections on Pope's Holy Land tour       15.5, 09

St. Internet?      12.4, 09

Pope warns of 'a desert of godlessness' in Good Friday address 12.4, 09

Pope decries 'clouds of evil' over Africa at Mass 22.3, 09

Pious 'fight death the hardest'
17 March, 2009    

23 February, 2009    

Be on the Agenda Alert 
3 January, 2009      

Be on the Agenda Alert 
3 January, 2009      

Christmas is a good time to rethink our attitudes to children 
22 Dec. 08